Corey Cadby came from 5 - 2 down to win 6 - 5 of day 2 of the DPA Australian Grand Prix , Victoria Open

Tyson wins the throw and takes the first leg then breaks in the next leg with some big scoring to take a two nil lead.
After throwing 180 Cadby could not convert a 70 and Hoeful goes three up, and is half way to the target.
Then 134 134 140 and 93 sees Hoeful go four up. Each player had a chance to win the next leg but double tops sees Cadby collect his first leg, but it is still a long way back although he now has the throw this leg.
A poor next leg compared to the standard of this match so far and Cadby misses the double tops but converts 5 at his next visit, but he is still four two down and the next leg is critical.
With Cadby waiting on 56 Hoeful converts 47 to take a critical five two lead, and he needs just one more leg in this match to take out tonight.

With a start of 139 100 and 180 Cadby dominates the next leg and is five three down. It is nervous times for Hoeful as another 180 from Cadby, his third, but the first start of 180, helps him break his opponent and now the score is five four with Cadby to throw first in the next leg. Hoeful will have the final leg start though and that he needs as Cadby ties things up at five.
As Cadby waits on 40 Hoeful chases 86 for the win but can only score 46 himself, leaving tops.
Cadby converts his 40 first to take out another win, this time a most unlikely and remarkable comeback to win 6 5.

The 2016 Victorian Open continues tomorrow at the Doncaster Shoppingtown Hotel Doncaster Victoria .

The event boasts an impressive $9000.00 in Prize money, Sponsored by the ALH Group and Harrows Darts
A HARROWS Triple header event carrying Harrows DPA Australian Grand Prix Points..


Tyson Hofel 5-6 Corey Cadby

Final 4

Jeff Hutcheon 3-6 Tyson Hofel
Corey Cadby 6-2 Aaron Petty

Final 8

Jeff Hutcheon 6-5 Jeremy Fagg
Rhys Matthewson 5-6 Tyson Hofel
Corey Cadby 6-4 Gordon Glen Mathers
Kalani Hillman 1-6 Aaron Petty

Final 16

Jeff Hutcheon 6-4 Bill Aitken
Harley Kemp 4-6 Jeremy Fagg
Mal Cumming 4-6 Rhys Matthewson
Tyson Hofel 6-4 Loz Ryder
Corey Cadby 6-1 Justin Hedges
Tic Bridge 4-6 Gordon Glen Mather
Kalani Hillman 6-5 Scott Kennedy
Steve Duke Snr 5-6 Aaron Petty

Final 32

Jeff Hutcheon 4-1 Tori Kewish
Bill Aitken 4-3 Barry Gardiner
Harley Kemp 4-2 Jamie Mathers
Jeremy Fagg 4-1 Greg Major
Mal Cumming 4-0 Don Whittington
Robbie King 0-4 Rhys Matthewson
Tyson Hofel 4-0 Kevin McCarthy
Loz Ryder 4-3 Jason Stokes
Corey Cadby 4-0 Aaron Brown
David Platt v Justin Hedges
Tic Bridge 4-2 Steve Powell
Gordon Glen Mathers 4-3 John Weber
Lucas Cameron 3-4 Kalani Hillman
John Kitchin 3-4 Scott Kennedy
Steve Duke Snr 4-0 Rowan Dodd
Eddy Sims 0-4 Aaron Petty


FINAL (Best of 7 Legs)

Barry Gardiner 4-2 John Weber

Final 4

Barry Gardiner 2-1 Greg Major
Steve Powell 1-2 John Weber

Final 8

Lucas Cameron 0-2 Barry Gardiner
Jamie Mathers 0-2 Greg Major
Steve Powell 2-1 Tori Kewish
John Weber 2-1 Rowan Dodd

Final 16

Lucas Cameron 2-0 Aaron Brown
Kevin McCarty 0-2 Barry Gardiner
John Kitchin v Jamie Mathers
David Platt v Greg Major
Steve Powell v Robbie King
Jason Stokes v Tori Kewish
Eddy Sims 1-2 John Weber
Rowan Dodd 2-1 Don Whittington

Board 1
Ricky Jones
Jamie Brown
John Kitchin
Ryan Barker
Scott Kennedy
Tyson Hofel
Kevin McCarthy

Winner - Tyson Hofel
2nd - John Kitchin
3rd - Scott Kennedy
4th - Kevin McCarthy

Board 2
Chris Morrison
Rhys Matthewson
Nathan Bridge
Dave Naylor
Steve Powell
Corey Cadby
Bill Aitken
Brian Fordham

Winner - Corey Cadby
2nd - Bill Aitken
3rd - Rhys Matthewson
4th - Steve Powell

Board 3
Stuart Coburn
Tori Kewish
Mal Cumming
Scott Cortous
Barry Gardiner
Shaun Gibbs
Dan Allen
Jeremy Fagg

Winner - Mal Cumming
2nd - Jeremy Fagg
3rd - Barry Gardiner
4th - Tori Kewish

Board 4
Nick Rogers
David Platt
Anton Soc
Loz Ryder
Steve Duke Snr.
Troy Jackson
Kalami Hillman
Matthew Francios

Winner - Steve Duke Snr.
2nd - Loz Ryder
3rd - David Platt
4th - Kalani Hillman

Board 5
David Delaney
Aaron Petty
Tim Williams
Gordon Glen Mathers
Heath Daley
Jamie Mathers
Samson Farley
Harley Kemp

Winner - Harley Kemp
2nd - Gordon Glen Mathers
3rd - Aaron Petty
4th - Jamie Mathers

Board 6
Tony Birtwistle
Eddy Sims
Brad Hamill
Don Whittington
Tommy Hyland
Mark Lohrey
Greg Major
Tic Bridge

Winner - Tic Bridge
2nd - Eddy Sims
3rd - Greg Major
4th - Don Whittington

Board 7
Rohan Dodd
Craig Kemp
Lucas Cameron
Ian Ruse
Jason Stokes
Matt Clarke
Robbie King
Paul Lease

Winner - Lucas Cameron
2nd - Robbie King
3rd - Jason Stokes
4th - Rohan Dodd

Board 8
John Weber
Aaron Brown
Jeff Hutcheon
Justin Hedges
Dean Gibbs
Brett Brandley
Kayleigh Johnson

Winner - Jeff Hutcheon
2nd - Justin Hedges
3rd - John Weber
4th - Aaron Brown

Winner - $1000 + 20 AGP points
Runner up - $500 +16 AGP Points
Semi Finalists- $250 + 12 AGP Points
Quarter Finalists - $100 + 8 AGP Points
Last 16 - $50 + 4 AGP Points
* Total Prize Money $9000
($3000 per day)
Entry $30 per day
Bonus Repechage Round of 16 for Last 32 losers to commence
following their allocated marking games
Additional Australian Grand Prix Points breakdown
Winner 8 Points / Runner Up 6 Points
Semis 4 Points /Quarter Finals 2 Points /Last 16 1 Point
All Repechage Round Games best of 3 legs throughout

Shoppingtown Hotel is part of the ALH Group
Address: 13-21 Williamsons Rd, VIC 3108, Australia

NOTE: To Compete in any event on the 2016 DPA Calendar
you must be eligible and available to travel to London
from December 10 2016 to January 5 2017
to compete in the 2016/2017 PDC World Championship Darts..