Corey Cadby makes it a clean sweep

Corey Cadby hit the Victorian Open Trifecta this weekend defeating Former World Championships qualifier and Australian No 1 Loz Ryder 6 - 2 making it 3 from 3 Victorian Open Australian Grand Prix Events.
Cory is certainly lighting up the DPA Oche and if he continues this form he will be a force at the Ally Pally come December, Throwing a 100+ averages in the final with legs of 10 and 11 darts Loz Ryder was no match for Corey's prolific scoring power, overall average for the match was 97.41

Final Darts Loz Ryder 2-6 Corey Cadby

Final 4

Loz Ryder 6-0 Tyson Hoefel
Tic Bridge 4-6 Corey Cadby

Final 8

Jackson Wilson-Young 2-6 Loz Ryder
Tyson Hoefel 6-4 Lucas Cameron
Tic Bridge 6-4 Barry Gardiner
Corey Cadby 6-5 David Platt

Final 16

Jackson Wilson-Young 6-4 Jeremy Fagg
Loz Ryder 6-1 Steve Powell
Tyson Hoefel 6-2 Rhys Matthewson
Lucas Cameron 6-5 Chris Morrison
Steve Duke Snr. 2-6 Tic Bridge
Barry Gardiner 6-1 John Kitchin
Corey Cadby 6-4 Harley Kemp
David Platt 6-0 Robbie King

Final 32

Jackson Wilson-Young 4-1 John Weber
Jeremy Fagg 4-1 Ash White
Loz Ryder 4-0 Heath Daley
Ricky Jones 2-4 Steve Powell
Tyson Hoefel 4-1 Kalani Hillman
Michael Bajawski 3-4 Rhys Matthewson
Don Whittington 1-4 Lucas Cameron
Chris Morrison 4-0 Gordon Glen Mathers
Steve Duke Snr. 4-1 Rowan Dodd
Tic Bridge 4-2 Kevin McCarthy
Mal Cumming 3-4 Barry Gardiner
John Kitchin 4-3 Matt Francois
Corey Cadby 4-1 Scott Kennedy
Greg Major 2-4 Harley Kemp
David Platt 4-2 Bill Aitken
Aaron Petty 1-4 Robbie King


Final 16
Ash White 0-2 Kevin McCarthy
Greg Major 2-0 Bill Aitken
Rowan Dodd 1-2 Mal Cumming
Aaron Petty 1-2 Matt Francois
Scott Kennedy 2-1 Ricky Jones
Michael Bajawski 2-1 Don Whittington
Heath Daley 1 -2 Gordon Glen Mathers
Kalani Hillman 1-2 John Weber

Final 8
Kevin McCarthy 0-2 Greg Major
Mal Cumming 2-1 Matt Francois
Scott Kennedy 2-1 Michael Bajawski
Gordon Glen Mathers 2-1 John Weber

Final 4
Greg Major 0-2 Mal Cumming
Scott Kennedy 0-2 Gordon Glen Mathers

Mal Cumming 4-0 Gordon Glen Mathers

Round Robin

Board 1 & 2
Brad Hamill
Kayleigh Johnson
Lucas Cameron
Tic Bridge
Don Whittington
Matt Francois
Dave Naylor
Winner – Don Whittington
2nd – Tic Bridge
3rd – Matt Francois
4th – Lucas Cameron

Board 3 & 4
Gordon Glen Mathers
Anton Soc
Tyson Hoefel
John Kelders
Jeremy Fagg
Brett Brandley
Scott Kennedy
Winner – Tyson Hoefel
2nd – Jeremy Fagg
3rd – Gordon Mathers
4th – Scott Kennedy

Board 5 & 6
Tommy Hyland
Heath Daley
Nick Rogers
Aaron Petty
Corey Cadby
Samson Farley
Robbie King
Winner – Corey Cadby
2nd – Aaron Petty
3rd – Robbie King
4th – Heath Daley

Board 7 & 8
Dean Gibbs
Kevin McCarthy
Tony Birtwistle
Chris Morrison
Mal Cumming
Bill Aitken
Dan Allen
Winner – Mal Cumming
2nd – Chris Morrison
3rd – Kevin McCarthy
4th – Bill Aitken

Board 9 & 10
Kalani Hillman
Steve Duke Snr.
Jamie Mathers
Brian Fordham
Michael Bajawski
Rhys Matthewson
Henry Bajawski
Winner – Steve Duke Snr.
2nd – Michael Bajawski
3rd – Rhys Matthewson
4th – Kalani Hillman

Board 11 & 12
Craig Kemp
Dave Platt
John Kitchin
Barry Gardiner
Steve Kewish
Peter Bollock
Steve Powell
Winner – David Platt
2nd – John Kitchin
3rd – Steve Powell
4th – Barry Gardiner

Board 13 & 14
Jackson Wilson-Young
Greg Major
Matt Clarke
Mark Fine
John Weber
Dylan Whittaker
Ash White
Winner – Jackson Wilson-Young
2nd – Greg Major
3rd – Ash White
4th – John Weber

Board 15 & 16
Jason Stokes
Dave Delaney
Terry King
Ricky Jones
Harley Kemp
Rowan Dodd
Loz Ryder
Winner – Loz Ryder
2nd – Ricky Jones
3rd – Harley Kemp
4th – Rowan Dodd