Day 2 Warilla Bowls Australian Grand Prix

Corey Cadby defeated Harley Kemp to take out day 2 of the Warilla Bowls Australian Grand Prix
The DPA Australian Grand Prix continued this weekend at the Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club with Corey Cadby winning Day 2 and still sitting in First Pole position for entry to the PDC World Darts Championship

Corey Cadby 6 - 5 Harley Kemp
Kalani Hillman 3-6 Corey Cadby
David Platt 4-6 Harley Kemp

Mick Lean 5-6 Kalani Hillman
Tic Bridge 0-6 Corey Cadby
David Platt 6-2 Aaron Petty
Scott Kennedy 2-6 Harley Kemp

Mick Lean 6-5 Jerry Weyman
Loz Ryder 2-6 Kalani Hillman
Tic Bridge 6-1 Greg Major
Corey Cadby 6-5 John Kitchin
Dave Marland 1-6 David Platt
Aaron Petty 6-5 Dean Gibbs
Matthew Francois 2-6 Scott Kennedy
Harley Kemp 6-0 Clayton Collins

Tyson Hoeful 0 Steve TePaki 2
Rod Crawford 0 Bill Aitken 2
Mick Leahy 2 Darren Carson 0
Dan Allen 0 Robbie King 2
Lucas Cameron 2 Tremaine Gallagher 0
Barry Gardiner 2 Dave Henricks 0
Don Whittington 0 Mark Taafe 2
Kevin Luland 0 Mauri Sam 2

Steve TePaki 0 Bill Aitken 2
Matt Leahy 2 Robbie King 0
Lucas Cameron 2 Barry Gardiner 0
Mark Taafe 2 Mauri Sam 0

Bill Aitken 2 Matt Leahy 0
Lucas Cameron 2 Mark Taafe 0

Bill Aitken 3 Lucas Cameron 4

Mick Lean 4-0 Dan Allen
Tremaine Gallagher 1-4 Jerry Weyman
Loz Ryder 4-1 Darren Carson
Lucas Cameron 1-4 Kalani Hillman
Tic Bridge 4-0 Dave Henricks
Greg Major 4-2 Tyson Hoefel
Corey Cadby 4-1 Mark Taafe
John Kitchin 4-2 Kevin Luland
Dave Marland 4-2 Don Whittington
David Platt 4-3 Robbie King
Barry Gardiner 0-4 Aaron Petty
Dean Gibbs 4-3 Rod Crawford
Matthew Francois 4-3 Mauri Sam
Steve TePaki 1-4 Scott Kennedy
Harley Kemp 4-1 Bill Aitken
Clayton Collins 4-1 Mathew Leahy


Board 1
Tank James
John Kitchinm
Robbie King
Paul Hill
Bill Aitken
Gerry Woods
Harley Kemp
Winner – Harley Kemp
2nd – John Kitchin
3rd – Robbie King
4th – Bill Aitken

Board 2
Mauri Sam
Peter Hawkins
Jerry Weyman
Loz Ryder
Tremaine Gallagher
Harold Marsh
Tezza Insley
Winner – Loz Ryder
2nd – Tremaine Gallagher
3rd – Mauri Sam
4th – Jerry Weyman

Board 3
John Chandler
Dave Hendricks
Lucas Cameron
Matthew Leahy
Heath Daley
Barry Gardiner
Winner – Barry Gardiner
2nd – Lucas Cameron
3rd – Mathew Leahy
4th – Dave Henricks

Board 4
Dean Gibbs
Rod Crawford
Richard Montague-Brown
Dave Marland
Darren Carson
Mick Cohan
Winner – Dave Marland
2nd – Dean Gibbs
3rd – Rod Crawford
4th – Darren Carson

Board 5
Dan Allen
Scott Kennedy
Brett Brandley
Dean McGladdery
Clayton Collins
Matthew Francois
Winner – Matthew Francois
2nd – Clayton Collins
3rd – Scott Kennedy
4th – Dan Allen

Board 6
John Weber
Ian Casson
Aaron Petty
Dave Platt
Corey Cadby
Tyson Hoefel
Winner Corey Cadby
2nd Dave Platt
3rd Tyson Hoefel
4th Aaron Petty

Board 7
Steve TePaki
Peter Wood
Noah Methven
Mick Lean
Kalani Hillman
Mark Taafe
Winner – Mick Lean
2nd – Steve TePaki
3rd – Kalani Hillman
4th – Mark Taafe

Board 8
Matt Clarke
Kevin Luland
Tic Bridge
Greg Major
Don Whittington
Russell Stewart
Winner – Tic Bridge
2nd – Greg Major
3rd – Kevin Luland
4th – Don Whittington