Harrows Darts Continued Sponsorship

Dartplayers Australia is excited to announce a continuation of its long term sponsorship agreement with Harrows Darts of England, the worlds most widely distributed darts brand,
“This really is terrific news. commented Robert Pringle, Sales and Marketing Director of Harrows, As a global player in the darts world since 1973, we take pride in being involved with the sport on many different levels, with the sponsorship of tournaments, leagues, associations and individual players in over 100 countries.
The DPA is the major force in Australian darts and this link up is the perfect fit for us, at what is an exciting time for the sport.

The increased TV exposure for the game on Fox Sports is introducing the drama of professional darts to a whole new audience.
In turn the DPA continues to host 22 Harrows Grand Prix tournaments across the country annually. Harrows also sponsor the Oceanic Masters. The winners of these two events will qualify to play in the PDC World Championships in England, in January.

DPA Chairman Kevin Berlyn said: "It gives me great pleasure to continue our collaboration with Harrows Darts. The company has been incredibly supportive of both our tournament activities and our players.

DPA Chief Executive Rob Denny added: “Our partnership with Harrows is fantastic. All our tournaments are played on Harrows Pro Matchplay dart board, which is the board of choice for sharp shooters worldwide.
We look forward to continuing to work with Harrows on all aspects of darts sport promotion, to increase Australian player participation and consumer awareness of this great sport of ours!”