The Harrows DPA Oceanic Masters 2016 will commence today at the Mollymook Beach Bowling Club New South Wales Australia
Players from all over Australia and New Zealand will be attending this PDC World Dart Championship Qualifying events.

The event will be held over 3 days With the Main event on Sunday 6th November
The first 2 events are Australian Grand Prix events where valuable DPA points are up from grabs and the No 1 ranked player qualifes for the PDC World Dart Championship
Then Sunday is the DPA's Flagship event the Oceanic Masters where the winner will also qualify for the PDC World Dart Championship

Friday 4th November Knockout.....


Rob Szabo 6-0 Damon Heta

Final 4

Rob Szabo 6-4 Cody Harris
Rhys Mathewson 3-6 Damon Heta

Final 8

Steve Duke Snr. 3-6 Rob Szabo
Loz Ryder 1-6 Cody Harris
Rhys Matthewson 6-5 Corey Cadby
Jeremy Fagg 5-6 Damon Heta

Final 16

Steve Duke Snr. 6-1 Kalani Hillman
Rob Szabo 6-3 Mike Bonser
Loz Ryder 6-1 Brad Hamill
Cody Harris 6-4 Dave Platt
Rhys Matthewson 6-4 Kevin Luland
Corey Cadby 6-2 Barry Gardner
Lucas Cameron 1-6 Jeremy Fagg
Damon Heta 6-3 Matthew Francios

Final 32

Steve Duke Snr 6-2 Scott Kennedy
Kalani Hillman 6-1 Harley Kemp
Rob Szabo 6-3 Pat Molloy
Jerry Weyman 5-6 Mike Bonser
Loz Ryder 6-1 Dean Gibbs
Brad Hamill 6-4 Scott Johnson
Cody Harris 6-0 Brian Fordham
Dave Platt 6-0 John Bunyard
Rhys Matthewson 6-4 John Weber
Kevin Luland 6-1 Shan Carriage
Corey Cadby 6-2 Shaun Gibbs
Barry Gardner 6-0 Matt Clarke
Liam Mclennen 4-6 Lucas Cameron
Jeremy Fagg 6-2 Mark Taafe
Damon Heta 6-2 Dave Boyle
Bill Aitken 4-6 Matthew Francois

Dave Hendricks 0-6 Steve Duke Snr
Rob Szabo 6-1 Robbie King
Loz Ryder 6-1 Kayleigh Johnson
Anton Soc 2-6 Cody Harris
Rhys Matthewson 6-4 Tic Bridge
Clayton Collins 1-6 Corey Cadby
Kim Anderson 5-6 Liam Mclennen
Damon Heta v Ross Perry

Players in Attendance:
Rhys Matthewson
Harley Kemp
Matthew Francois
John Weber
Dean Gibbs
Shaun Gibbs
Steve Duke Snr.
Scott Kennedy
Brad Hamill
Mike Bonser
Jeremy Fagg
Kayleigh Johnson
Scott Johnson
Liam Mclennen
Dave Platt
Damon Heta
Anton Soc
Barry Gardner
Loz Ryder
Rob Szabo
Cody Harris
Bill Aitken
Kim Anderson
Mark Taafe
Lucas Cameron
Tic Bridge
Clayton Colins
Jerry Weyman
Dave Henricks
Ross Perry
Kevin Luland
John Bunyard
Brian Fordham
Corey Cadby
Robbie King
Matt Clarke
Kalani Hillman
Shan Carriage
Dave Boyle
Pat Molloy