Justin Thompson gets first Pro Tour win

Justin Thompson adds a Pro Tour event win to the WSoD Qualifying Tour event win from last month when he defeated fellow TopShot Promotions stable mate John Weber 6 legs to 4 in yet another class match at NDDA
Thompson had a game high checkout of 100, his best leg was 14 darts, 21 Tons, 2 ton plus scores, a 180 and finished the match with an average of 81.69

John Weber 4 lost 6 Justin Thompson

Round of 4 Best of 11
Chris Vasey 4 lost 6 John Weber
Peter Machin 5 lost 6 Justin Thompson

Round of 8 Best of 11
Chris Vasey 6 def 1 Dylan Mitchell
Lucas Cameron 5 lost 6 John Weber
Peter Machin 6 def 4 Rhys Mathewson
Ray O'Donnell 2 def 6 Justin Thompson

Round of 16 Best of 11
Chris Vasey 6 def 3 Matt Leahy
Dylan Mitchell 6 def 3 Chris Jarvis
Lucas Cameron 6 def 3 Steve Letts
GG Mather 4 lost 6 John Weber
Mick Jackson 0 lost 6 Peter Machin
Rhys Mathewson 6 def 1 Robbie King
Ray O'Donnell 6 def 4 Tic Bridge
Justin Thompson 6 def 4 Laurie Loch

Round of 32 Best of 7
Chris Vasey 4 def 0 Bianca Thomson
Matt Leahy 4 def 3 Zaine Skelton
Gary Kennedy 3 lost 4 Dylan Mitchell
Chris Jarvis 4 def 1 Phillip Bottrell
Lucas Cameron 4 def 2 Amanda Loch
David Williams 2 lost 4 Steve Letts
GG Mathers 4 def 0 Melina Van Den Kieboom
Corey Cadby 2 lost 4 John Weber
Mick Jackson 4 def 1 Randell Skelton
Peter Machin 4 def 2 Colin Edwards
Rhys Mathewson 4 def 1 Kayleigh Johnson
Robbie King 4 def 1 Aaron Petty
Ray O'Donnell 4 def 1 Andrew Eagers
Tic Bridge 4 def 1 Jed Nethercott
Justin Thompson 4 def 0 Daniel Sim
Laurie Loch 4 def 1 Scott Kennedy

Board 1
Tracey Avis
Ray O'Donnell
Jed Nethercot
Amanda Loch
Will Wilson
Tic Bridge

1.Ray O'Donnell
2.Tic Bridge
3.Jed Nethercot
4.Amanda Loch

Board 2
Chris Vasey
Dion Patterson
Phillip Bottrell
Robbie King
Andrew Eagers
Tim Mitchell

1.Chris Vasey
2.Robbie King
3.Phillip Bottrell
4.Andrew Eagers

Board 3
Tim Edwards
Daniel Sim
David William
Amanda Stone
Colin Edwards
Gary Kennedy

1.Gary Kennedy
2.David Williams
3.Colin Edwards
4.Daniel Sim

Board 4
John Webber
Laurie Loch
Rhys Mathewson
Graham Hall
Kayleigh Johnson

1.Rhys Mathewson
2.Laurie Loch
3.John Webber
4.Kayleigh Johnson

Board 5
Angela Cornell
Melina Van Den Kieboom
Dean May
Corey Cadby
Justin Thompson
Scott Kennedy

1.Justin Thompson
2.Corey Cadby
3.Scott Kennedy
4.Melina Van Den Kieboom

Board 6
Peter Machin
Bianca Thomson
Caitlain Avis
Ian Dargan
GG Mathers
Zain Skelton

1.GG Mathers
2.Peter Machin
3.Zaine Skelton
4.Bianca Thomson

Board 7
Mick Jackson
Anton Soc
Randell Skelton
Chris Jarvis
Aaron Petty

1.Mick Jackson
2.Chris Jarvis
3.Aaron Petty
4.Randell Skelton

Board 8
Dylan Mitchell
Steve Letts
Matt Leahy
Mark Johns
Lucas Cameron
Hadyn Cox

1.Lucas Cameron
2.Matt Leahy
3.Steve Letts
4.Dylan Mitchell