Corey Cadby continues his winning ways taking out Fridays Harrows Pro Tour
Corey defeated Tim Pusey 6 - 2
The Harrows Pro tour continues this weekend at the Brook Hotel Brisbane

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Brook Hotel Brisbane

Corey Cadby wins 6-2

Tim Pusey v Corey Cadby

Final 4
Tim Pusey v Loz Ryder
Corey Cadby v Steve MacArthur

Final 8
Tim Pusey v John Bunyard
Andrew Eagers v Loz Ryder
Gordon-Glen Mathers v Corey Cadby
Steve MacArthur v Dave Williams

Final 16
Tim Pusey v John Riley
John Bunyard v Corey Naumann
Andrew Eagers v Steve Fitzpatrick
Raymond O’Donnell v Loz Ryder
Rhys Mathewson v Gordon-Glen Mathers
Corey Cadby v Robbie King
James Bailey v Steve MacArthur
Dave Williams v Steve Duke Jnr.

Final 32
Tim Pusey v Steve Duke Snr.
John Riley v Mick McCreedie
John Bunyard v Zinzan Culshaw
Corey Naumann v Wayne Murphy
Clayton Collins v Andrew Eagers
Mick Lacey v Steve Fitzpatrick
Rebecca Promnitz v Raymond O’Donnell
Loz Ryder v Michael Anderson
Rhys Mathewson v Willy Kimura
Gordon-Glen Mathers v Ross Perry
Ryan Lynch v Corey Cadby
Robbie King v Michael Jagger
Raymond Smith v James Bailey
Alex Evans v Steve MacArthur
Dave Williams v Cody King
Steve Duke Jnr. v Fred Cadby

Board 1
Tim Pusey v Kim Emmerton
Greg Major v Steve Duke Snr.
Jake Howie v John Riley
Dave Muller v Mick McCreedie

Board 2
Colin Shaw v Zinzan Culshaw
Heath Daley v John Bunyard
Jack Devries v Corey Naumann
BYE v Wayne Murphy

Board 3
Mike Bonser v Clayton Collins
Jamie Rea v Andrew Eagers
Mick Lacey v Mark Taafe
Graeme Lowe v Steve Fitzpatrick

Board 4
Kate Gifford v Rebecca Promnitz
Declan Bailey v Raymond O’Donnell
Andy Pinder v Loz Ryder
Michael Anderson v Jim King

Board 5
Rhys Mathewson v Matt Clarke
Willy Kimura v Greg Walsh
Gordon-Glen Mathers v Mat Leahy
Darren Wolter-Gumley v Ross Perry

Board 6
Brendan McCausland v Ryan Lynch
Stewart Smith v Corey Cadby
Ian Dargan v Robbie King
Gabe Clark v Michael Jagger

Board 7
Raymond Smith v Jordoon Ford
James Bailey v Lucas Cameron
Garry Shillabeer v Alex Evans
Laurie Loch v Steve MacArthur

Board 8
Paul Emmerton v Dave Williams
Cody King v Amanda Loch
Steve Duke Jnr. v John Watkins
Fred Cadby v Brett Brandley

Players in Attendance – 62
Willy Kimura
Jordon Ford
Heath Daley
Brett Brandley
Laurie Loch
Amanda Loch
Lucas Cameron
Graeme Lowe
Greg Major
Mike Bonser
Michael Anderson
Clayton Collins
John Bunyard
Mark Taafe
Darren Wolter-Gumley
Jake Howie
Steve Duke Snr.
Steve Duke Jnr.
Jack Devries
Dave Muller
Michael Jagger
Ryan Lynch
Steve MacArthur
Steve Fitzpatrick
Andy Pinder
Rebecca Promnitz
Garry Shillabeer
Colin Shaw
Rhys Mathewson
Ian Dargan
Matt Clarke
Gordon-Glen Mathers
Raymond O’Donnell
Kate Gifford
John Watkins
John Riley
Paul Emmerton
Kim Emmerton
Greg Walsh
James Bailey
Declan Bailey
Alex Evans
Tim Pusey
Andrew Eagers
Zinzan Culshaw
Dave Williams
Mat Leahy
Raymond Smith
Corey Naumann
Loz Ryder
Gabe Clark
Corey Cadby
Fred Cadby
Brendan McCausland
Robbie King
Jim King
Cody King
Jamie Rea
Mick Lacey
Stewart Smith
Ross Perry
Wayne Murphy
Mick McCreedie