DPA Releases details for 2019 Pro Tour Expansion

Dartplayers Australia is able to now release early details for the 2019 Harrows Australian Pro Tour expansion in line with the PDCs latest announcement for world championship qualification and prize money
24 events will take place across 6 quadruple events at a prize money value of $16000 per weekend or $4000 per event x 4
There will be one event Friday evening , 2 events Saturday and one event Sunday with formats for all 24 events to be announced in due course
Pro Tour Events will be held in the months of : February, March, April, May June and September dates to be announced
Cities and venues will be announced in due course but we can confirm Brisbane / Warilla / Melbourne and Hobart will be 4 definite starting cities
Each venue in 2019 will have a minimum of 16 playing boards for every event
World Series TV Qualifiers will be held in July and each event seeded from the DPA order of merit
Australasian Championships will be held in late October incorporating the Oceanic Masters with a mixture of DPA and DPNZ seeds (formats to be advised)
Tour Card reintroduction 2019
Dartplayers Australia will reintroduce its tour card system from 2019 onwards at a cost of $100 AUD per player for 12 months
Event entry fee will remain at $100 per weekend per player for 4 events
Event entry fee by tour card holders will be payable 4 weeks before commencement of every event or spot will be offered to Tour card guest(see below)
The first 96 players ranked in the 2018 pro tour order of merit will be offered a tour card on a first come first serve basis
Tour card acceptance for the first 96 ranked players will open on September 10 2018 and end on September 30 2018 before moving along in the rankings should anyone decline
16 further tour cards will be offered to ladies participating in the 2019 ladies order of merit if all 16 ladies will be playing in all 24 events ..Ladies tour card applications will be assessed individually by the board of Dartplayers Australia
Tour Card payments for 2019 will be in person at the Australasian championships or if not present at Warilla payable by November 10 2018
A further 16 guest spots will be offered to each city above however as non tour card holders entry will be $120 for weekend entry ..this will make up a maximum of 128 players per event..
For the first time ever in our 17 years 23 events in 2019 will be seeded from the DPA master order of merit which will be updated daily following each event except Saturday double headers where the same seeds will stay in place across both events
The top 16 players will be seeded per board from 2019 onwards in both knockout and round robin events..Friday will remain knockout events with Saturday and Sunday events seeded round robins
The first event of the year will not be seeded with the second event being seeded from day 1 results through to event 24
Order of Merits
Dartplayers Australia will run a number of ranking tables for 2019
Main DPA order of merit across all events which will incorporate the Australian Mens Team Selection Including the boys youth side
DPA World series Order of merit Friday Evenings and Sunday events (12 events total) for positions in Live TV PDC Events
World youth championship qualification table across all events
DPA Ladies order of merit across all events which will incorporate the Australian Ladies team selection Including the girls youth side
A Full set of Rules and details will be released later in the year including rulings on seedings and tour card participation and absences
For those ranked in the top 32 of the main DPA Order of merit as of 6/6/2018 early tour card acceptance will  be available in Hobart