Smith Tops DPA Rankings After Double Delight

RAYMOND SMITH fired himself to the top of the DartPlayers Australia ProTour Order of Merit with a double win on the Harrows ProTour, while Gordon Glen Mathers also picked up a title.
A winner of two ProTour events already in 2018, Smith doubles his tally with impressive displays in the opening two days at the Hobart Australian Italian Club.
After overcoming Steve MacArthur to win Friday's final, Smith then defeated Lucas Cameron in the decider on Saturday to make it two out of two for the weekend.
Gordon Glen Mathers claimed his first ProTour title of the year in Sunday's event, seeing off Smith in the semi-finals before beating James Bailey in the final.
The next DPA Pro Tour weekend will be held in Brisbane at the Brook Hotel from September 7-9. For further details, visit
DPA Harrows Pro Tour
Event 13 - Friday June 15
Raymond Smith 6-5 Mike Bonser
Chris Vasey 1-6 Tim Pusey
Steve Fitzpatrick 2-6 Ryan Lynch
Steve Powell 2-6 Steve MacArthur
Raymond Smith 6-2 Tim Pusey
Ryan Lynch 5-6 Steve MacArthur
Raymond Smith 6-4 Steve MacArthur
Event 14 - Saturday June 16
Raymond Smith 6-3 Tim Pusey
Steve Fitzpatrick 2-6 James Bailey
Raymond O’Donnell 4-6 Chris Vasey
Lucas Cameron 6-2 Loz Ryder
Raymond Smith 6-4 James Bailey
Chris Vasey 5-6 Lucas Cameron
Raymond Smith 6-5 Lucas Cameron
Event 15 - Sunday June 17
Gordon Glen Mathers 6-0 Steve Powell
Tim Pusey 3-6 Raymond Smith
Mick Pearce 1-6 Steve Fitzpatrick
James Bailey 6-1 Alex Evans
Gordon Glen Mathers def Raymond Smith
Steve Fitzpatrick 2-6 James Bailey
Gordon Glen Mathers 6-4 James Bailey