World Series of Darts Qualifiers
Sunday 7th July 2019
Event 7 – Hamilton Darts Masters
Round Robin – Best of 5 legs
Top 2 off the Board through to the Knockout stage
Knockout – Best of 9 legs
Final – Best of 11 legs

David Platt 5-2 Mike Bonser

Top 4
David Platt 5-1 Mick Lacey
Tim Pusey 2-5 Mike Bonser

Top 8
David Platt 5-3 Robbie King
Mick Lacey 5-0 Brendan McCausland
Tim Pusey 5-3 Willy Kimura
Mike Bonser 5-1 Barry Jouannet Jnr.

Top 16
Koha Kokiri 3-5 David Platt
Robbie King 5-1 Dave Marland
Mick Lacey 5-4 Brad Thorp
Steve Powell 4-5 Brendan McCausland
Paul Cotton 1-5 Tim Pusey
Willy Kimura 5-1 Jordan Ford
Mike Bonser 5-1 John Bunyard
Jamie Rundle 2-5 Barry Jouannet Jnr.

Board 1
Matt Clarke
Barry Jouannet Jnr.
Koha Kokiri
Anton Soc
1st – Koha Kokiri
2nd – Barry Jouannet Jnr.

Board 2
John Bunyard
Clayton Collins
Robbie King
Chris Merrett
Daniel Pearson
1st – Robbie King
2nd – John Bunyard

Board 3
Jordan Ford
Mick Lacey
Glen Gibson
Victoria Boon
Natasha Finch
1st – Mick Lacey
2nd – Jordan Ford

Board 4
Tim Pusey
Tony Welland
Steve Powell
Mick Hockey
Martin Smith
1st – Steve Powell
2nd – Tim Pusey

Board 5
Paul Cotton
Brendan McCausland
Darren Wolter-Gumley
Leanne Shooter
Paul Hill
1st – Paul Cotton
2nd – Brendan McCausland

Board 6
Willy Kimura
Mark Taafe
Brad Thorp
Alf Wyatt
Darren Lane
1st – Willy Kimura
2nd – Brad Thorp

Board 7
Mike Bonser
Dave Marland
Nathan Simpson
Terrance Insley
David Taylor
1st – Mike Bonser
2nd – Dave Marland

Board 8
David Platt
Jamie Rundle
Jake Howie
Jason Fraser
Kerry Allen
1st – Jamie Rundle
2nd – David Platt