The inaugural Q School for the DPA was held at the Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club on Saturday. With 16 tour cards on the line the first tournament of the day attracted 61 players with 64 players attempting to be in the top four of tournament two.
Event one came down to Barry ‘China’ Jouannet returning to the big stage of the DPA Pro Tour with a 5-3 win over Max Dallimore. Kiwi Mark Cleaver defeated Mick Lean, from the Young challenge tour this year, 5-0. Steve Letts, returning from a successful stint with soft tip darts, defeated Chris Jarvis to also return to the main DPA Pro tour. Finally Dean Dixon defeated Simon Farrell to pick up the other tour card available from the first tournament.
Event two saw another Kiwi in Tahuna Irwin expand the New Zealand number of players on the DPA tour next year after he defeated Jackson Davies 5-3 in a close match, hitting double three to win the final leg with his opponent on a check out and ready to start the throw in a deciding leg should Irwin have missed. Mark Wortley defeated Alex McAvoy 5-2 to cap off a day of consistent darts for him with a tour card. Chris Jarvis outpowered James McDonald 5-0 and in the final match Mick Lean was unable to get a card in his second play off of the day, this time losing 5-1 to Ryan Kirkland.
DPA Q-School

Tour Card winners
Dean Dixon
Barry Jouannet
Mark Cleaver
Steve Letts
Chris Jarvis
Tahua Irwin
Mark Wortley
Ryan Kirkland

Event #2
Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club
Jason Ave, Barrack Heights NSW
Straight Knockout
501 Best of 9 legs throughout

Top 8
Chris Jarvis 5-0 James McDonald
Tahuna Irwin 5-3 Jackson Davies
Alec McAvoy 2-5 Mark Wortley
Ryan Kirkland 5-1 Mick Lean

Top 16
Chris Jarvis 5-1 Alex Wade
James McDonald 5-4 Travis Richards
Joshua Walters 2-5 Tahua Irwin
Jackson Davies 5-1 Samuel Laing
Alec McAvoy 5-4 Kalani Hillman
Mark Wortley 5-3 Jakim Dickson
Ryan Kirkland 5-3 Nathan Walsh
Lee Chapman 2-5 Mick Lean

Top 32
Zac Ivancic 2-5 Chris Jarvis
Alex Wade 5-2 Max Dallimore
James McDonald 5-1 Zakk Myles
Leslie Ahmann 1-5 Travis Richards
Joshua Walters 5-1 Mytchell Kirby
Erik Pu 3-5 Tahuna Irwin
Jason Barnes 4-5 Jackson Davies
Samuel Laing 5-3 Alfred Wyatt
Jessica Wilson 0-5 Alec McAvoy
Kalanin Hillman 5-0 Darren Wolter-Gumley
Chris Vasey 2-5 Mark Wortley
Matt Woodberry 0-5 Jakim Dickson
Vanessa James 2-5 Ryan Kirkland
Tyler Sutherland 2-5 Nathan Walsh
Lee Chapman 5-2 Nathan Holt
Mick King 2-5 Mick Lean

Top 64
Troy James 0-5 Zac Ivancic
Chris Jarvis 5-0 Greg Woodberry
Alex Wade 5-0 Nathan Simpson
Max Dallimore 5-0 Deb Soden
James McDonald 5-2 Thomas Justice
Zakk Myles 5-2 Tony Pettit
Bjorn Saye 4-5 Leslie Ahmann
Travis Richards 5-0 Jen Lange
Joshua Walters 5-3 Jake Howie
Mytchell Kirby 5-3 Nathan Reed
Erik Pu 5-0 David Taylor
Tahuna Irwin 5-1 Brett Walters
Jason Barnes 5-3 Eruera Akaiti
Jackson Davies 5-0 Victoria Boon
Brendan Quinn 2-5 Samuel Laing
Jess Smiley 2-5 Alfred Wyatt
Satcher McCleland 2-5 Jessica Wilson
Jason Sandham 1-5 Alec McAvoy
Kalani Hillman 5-2 Ryan Clissold
Darren Wolter-Gumley 5-4 Simon Farrell
Chris Vasey 5-0 Paul Emmerton
Mark Wortley 5-2 Jamie Hales
Abbey Justice 1-5 Matt Woodberry
Scott Hayden 4-5 Jakim Dickson
Vanessa James 5-0 Jordan Gallagher
Daniel Sim 4-5 Ryan Kirkland
Deb Quinn 0-5 Tyler Sutherland
Michael Pescosta 1-5 Nathan Walsh
Dylan Mitchell 3-5 Lee Chapman
Nathan Holt 5-4 Jamie Rea
Jordan Whyte 4-5 Mick King
Brayden Abell 2-5 Mick Lean

Event #1
Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club
Jason Ave, Barrack Heights NSW
Straight Knockout
501 Best of 9 legs throughout

Top 8
Dean Dixon 5-1 Simon Farrell
Max Dallimore 3-5 Barry Jouannet
Mark Cleaver 5-0 Mick Lean
Chris Jarvis 4-5 Steve Letts

Top 16
Jackson Davies 0-5 Dean Dixon
Samuel Liang 4-5 Simon Farrell
Max Dallimore 5-3 Jakim Dickson
Barry Jouannet 5-2 Thomas Justice
Nick Kohey 4-5 Mark Cleaver
Mick Lean 5-2 Tony Pettit
Chris Jarvis 5-3 Brett Waters
Steve Letts 5-1 Eruera Akaiti

Top 32
Jackson Davies 5-3 Mark Wortley
Michael Pescosta 0-5 Dean Dixon
Samuel Liang 5-4 Nathan Holt
Jake Howie 4-5 Simon Farrell
Nathan Walsh 2-5 Max Dallimore
Mick Kiing 4-5 Jakim Dickson
Alex Wade 0-5 Barry Jouannet
Thomas Justice 5-4 Nathan Simpson
Brendan Quinn 0-5 Nick Kohey
Dylan Mitchell 4-5 Mark Cleaver
Mick Lean 5-1 Nathan Reed
Jason Barnes 2-5 Tony Pettit
Ryan Clissold 1-5 Chris Jarvis
James MacDonald 4-5 Brett Waters
Steve Letts 5-2 Zakk Myles
Eruera Akaiti 5-2 Jamie Rea

Top 64
Jackson Davies v BYE
Chris Vasey 4-5 Mark Wortley
Michael Pescosta 5-4 Bjorn Saye
Alec McAvoy 3-5 Dean Dixon
Samual Liang 5-4 Hayden Scott
Matt Woodberry 1-5 Nathan Holt
Jason Sandham 1-5 Jake Howie
Simon Farrell 5-0 Greg Woodberry
Nathan Walsh 5-1 Deb Soden
Max Dillimore 5-4 Kalani Hillman
Mick King 5-0 Mackenzie Jago
Jakim Dickson 5-2 Zac Ivancic
Daniel Sim 3-5 Alex Wade
Barry Jouannet 5-0 Paige Jordan
Leslie Ahmann 4-5 Thomas Justice
Nathan Simpson 5-1 Darren Wolter-Gumley
Brandan Quinn v BYE
Tyler Sutherland 2-5 Nick Kohey
Travis Richards 2-5 Dylan Mitchell
Mark Cleaver 5-2 Troy James
Mick Lean 5-0 Deb Quinn
Nathan Reed 5-2 Mytchel Kirby
David Taylor 0-5 Jason Barnes
Tony Pettit 5- Joshua Walters
Ryan Clissold v BYE
Erik Pu 2-5 Chris Jarvis
James MacDonald 5-0 Satcher McClelland
Alfred Wyatt 0-5 Brett Walters
Steve Letts 5-0 Jessica Wilson
Zakk Myles 5-1 Ryan Kirkland
Jordan Gallagher 4-5 Eruera Akaiti
Jen Lange 3-5 Jamie Rea