The Winmau Satellite tour continues this weekend across 2 states, stay tuned to Dartplayers Australia for all the latest news and results.

All states will be playing the same format:
Round Robin – 501 best of 5 legs.
Top 4 from the Group stage progress to the knockout stage
Knockout - 501 best of 7 legs.
Final – 501 best of 9 legs.

Australian Capital Territory
Young Services Club

Jake Buckley 5-3 Bryson Williams

Top 4
Jake Buckley 4-1 Daniel Sim
Bryson Williams 4-1 Adam Faulkner

Top 8
Greg Le’Strange 3-4 Jake Buckley
Daniel Sim 4-3 Corey Fortington
Mat Leahy 2-4 Bryson Williams
Adam Faulkner 4-1 Josh Townsend

Group A
Pat Molloy
Trevor Crooke
Greg Le’Strange
Thomas Hynes
Bryson Williams
Daniel Sim
Josh Townsend
1st – Greg Le’Strange
2nd – Daniel Sim
3rd – Bryson Willaims
4th – Josh Townsend

Group B
Mat Leahy
Jake Buckley
Adam Faulkner
Jon Pearson
John Laybutt
Corey Fortington
Bob Berg
1st – Adam Faulkner
2nd – Mat Leahy
3rd – Corey Fortington
4th – Jake Buckley

South Australia
Kadina Darts Club

John Nottage 0-5 Andy Pinder

Top 4
John Nottage 4-2 Scott Hallett
Bradley Clothier 0-4 Andy Pinder

Top 8
John Nottage 4-1 George Creasey
Scott Hallett 4-1 Matt Williams
Rob Modra 3-4 Bradley Clothier
Andy Pinder 4-2 Darren Lovell

Group A
Bradley Clothier
Paul Choules
John Nottage
Darren Lovell
Michael Power
Michael Nicholls
Scott Hallett
1st – John Nottage
2nd – Scott Hallett
3rd – Bradley Lovell
4th – Darren Lovell

Group B
Phillip Rowland
Randell Skelton
Andy Pinder
Matt Williams
Tracey Avis
George Creasey
Rob Modra
Danielle Ainsworth
1st – Andy Pinder
2nd – Rob Modra
3rd – Matt Williams
4th – George Creasey