Entry Conditions to the Winmau Darts DPA Oceanic Masters and DPA Satellite Finals October 30/31

For consideration of my entry to the DPA Satellite Finals and DPA Oceanic Masters I hereby enter either or both of these events and agree that I accept and declare the following:
-I am an Australian or New Zealand Resident for purposes of entry into these events and may have to prove my residence to DPA if required
-As the player entering, I understand I am responsible for my own airfares and accommodation costs to travel to the United Kingdom, and I accept that some of this cost will be offset by Dartplayers Australia courtesy of Winmau darts by way of sponsorship in return for shirt sponsor placement if winning one of these events
-Professional Travel advice may be provided on behalf of Dartplayers Australia and its corporate travel partner Itravel. In line with advice, I accept that certain information may be provided by the Dept of Foreign Affairs in Australia, or the NZ Government can be provided to me as the player for Travel advice but is not compulsory
-I accept as the player that I am responsible for obtaining my own permission to depart Australia from the Department of home Affairs or the NZ Govt for New Zealand Entrants 
-As the player I will be responsible for my own vaccine passports as necessary for both the Australian and New Zealand Governments and agree to adhere by either the Australian or New Zealand government in terms of compliance for necessary travel for my own benefit
-I acknowledge that I will be liable for any quarantine costs upon return to Australia or New Zealand after competing in the 2021/2022 World Championships (if necessary either home or hotel)
-I agree to abide by the shirt rules of governing bodies of both DPA and or DPNZ by wearing both PDC sponsor logos /two governing body logos and accept that I will have two of my own spots on my playing shirt and agree to play in the world championships under the rules of the DRA
-Any player who is not in good financial or disciplinary standing with the DPA, DPNZ, PDC and PDPA or with companies, organisations or venues involved with the DPA, DPNZ, PDC and PDPA will not be allowed to participate in These events at Discretion of the board of Dartplayers Australia 
-I Understand that All prize money for these will be paid strictly via PayPal (no cash payments) and payment of prize monies may take up to 14 days for settlement after this event and that there may be a fee associated with a settled PayPal transfer. If I do not have a PayPal account, I can nominate my payments to be made to someone else on my behalf
– I understand that should I win the event and not travel to the UK for the World Championships I will not be eligible for any of the advertised prizemoney
– As the winner of the event who travels to the UK for the World Championships, I understand that payment of prizemoney will be paid by the PDC within their nominated time frames and DPA cannot be held accountable for the PDC processing times.
– PDC Prizemoney subject to Tax and PDPA Levies
– I acknowledge that DPA is not responsible for delayed or cancelled flights back to Australia or New Zealand and that they are not in a position to be able to facilitate an earlier return date.

Release of Liability
In consideration for the acceptance of my entry to the 2021 DPA Oceanic Masters and DPA Satellite Finals, I for myself and assigns,
Do hereby release and discharge Dartplayers Australia, DPNZ, The PDC, PDPA, DSL, Winmau Dart Products Any or all  sponsored Host Venues , and their assigns, from any and all rights, claims for damages, demands or causes of action whatsoever, in any manner arising from or relating to my participation in these events. I also give permission for the use of my name and/or picture in any media throughout this event including any of my games via live streaming at www.pdc.tv  . I attest that I have read and understand all the rules associated above. MY submission of this form states that I have read, understood, and fully accepted the above statements. I Agree to abide by the Rules of the DRA and understand random drug tests may occur at any DPA or DPNZ event

Online entry at www.dartplayersaustralia.com.au will close at midnight Sunday October 24 and the entry fee will be refundable in full if Covid prevents these events from proceeding